Sharan Kaur Mehta
Dissertation: From South Asia to the Southern US: Exploring South Asian Racial Identity, Religion, and Collective Action in Texas
Post Doctoral Fellow
The University of New Mexico Department of Sociology & Criminology

Esmeralda Sánchez Salazar
Dissertation: Latinos, Faith and Education: Examining Religion's Role in Shaping Latino College and STEM Outcomes
Postdoctoral Fellow
Penn State Department of Sociology and Criminology


Asia Bento
Dissertation: The Longitudinal Impact of Bank Branch Openings and Credit Flows in Black Segregated Neighborhoods
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Dean’s Fellow
University of California, Irvine

Daniel Bolger
Dissertation: Spatial and Cultural Dimensions of Social Service Access in Majority Black Neighborhoods
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Center for Research on Child Wellbeing at Princeton University

Raul S. Casarez
Dissertation: Who “We” Are: Examining Identity Ascription, Americanness, and Immigrant Integration through Race and National Identity
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Boise State University

Julian Culver
Dissertation: Contextualizing When and Why Racial Attitudes Change: Presidential Elections, Politicians, and Racial Exemplars
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology
Brown University

Allan Farrell
Dissertation: Through the (Funhouse) Looking Glass: Exploring Experiences of Racial Mismatch in Interactions
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Beloit College


Horace Duffy
Dissertation: Cycles of Punishment: Understanding the mechanisms and relationship between school suspensions and juvenile justice and how it varies by student identity
Research Specialist
Houston Independent School District
American Institutes for Research

Laura Freeman Cenegy
Dissertation: Life Course Contexts and Racial Birth Outcome Disparities
Research Fellow
Early Milestones Colorado

Marbella Eboni Hill
Dissertation: The Black Middle-class Marriage Paradox: At the Intersection of Race, Upward Mobility, and Gender
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab at Stanford University


Simranjit Khalsa
Dissertation: Practicing Minority Religion: Interrogating the Role of Race, National Belonging, and Gender Among Sikhs in the US and England
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Memphis

Jie Min
Dissertation: Understanding Educational Achievement Gaps: A Summer Learning Perspective
Research Statistician
Far Harbor, LLC

Zelma Oyvaride-Tuthill
Dissertation: Marginalized within the Margins: Minority Status, Identity Centrality and Well-being
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Houston


Sandra Alvear
Dissertation: Rethinking Schools as a Context of Reception: How Language Acquisition Programs and Reclassification Shape Latino English Learners' Educational Outcomes
Director of Research
Region IV Texas Education Service Center

Di Di
Dissertation: Contested Buddhism: Gender, Race, and Religion in Ethnic Chinese Buddhist Temples in Mainland China and the US
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Santa Clara University

Ellen Whitehead
Dissertation: Getting by with a Little Help from (Family and) Friends?: The Link between Family Support and Residential Attainment
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ball State University


Amanda Bancroft
Dissertation: Wealth Strain's Role in Generating Educational Inequality: Theory, Mechanisms, and Effects

Mackenzie Brewer
Dissertation: Collateral Damage? How Household Debt Impacts Child Health and Development
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Baylor University

Lynn Fahey
Dissertation: Exploring Gender Differences in the Early Life Origins of Three Health Behaviors
Instructor, Criminology and Sociology
Mount St. Mary’s University
Senior Trial Consultant

Alexa Solazzo
Dissertation: License to Discriminate: Structural Stigma and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Health
Lead Data Scientist


Junia Howell
Dissertation: Measuring Neighborhood Effects: Re-examining the Conceptualization and Operationalization of Neighborhood Effects
Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Illinois Chicago

Elizabeth Korver-Glenn
Dissertation: Under Construction: Race and Housing Markets in 21st-Century Urban America
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Washington University in St. Louis

Kevin Smiley
Dissertation: Industrial Pollution and Civic Capacity in Metropolitan America
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Louisiana State University