The Sociology Department gives several awards each year to recognize undergraduate students who have completed excellent academic work and those who have made a special impact on the department.

Distinction in Research and Creative Works

Distinction in Research and Creative Works is a university award for select undergraduates, granted at commencement, which appears on the transcript and diploma. Students must apply within their department or program to be considered for the award and the application must be supported by a letter from a faculty member. For more information about how to apply in Sociology, click Guidelines for Distinction in Research Award.

The Weber-Durkheim Award for Excellence in Sociology

This award is presented to a senior major in recognition of outstanding work in sociology. The award, along with a cash prize, is presented at the senior honors thesis ceremony at the end of the academic year. Typically, the recipient will have completed an honors thesis in sociology.

List of Previous Award Recipients

The Beth Shapiro Award

Presented at the same time as the Weber-Durkheim Prize, this award goes to a graduating sociology major whose character and contributions have made a special impact on the department. It is also accompanied by a cash prize.

List of Previous Award Recipients

The Walter and Helen Hall Prize

This award is normally awarded annually to the best term paper(s) submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for an undergraduate course in sociology. The recipient(s) need not be a sociology major, and multiple students may receive this award.

Chandler and Ian Davidson Scholars Program

This program provides funding to support research and publication opportunities for our majors and minors. Students who are conducting independent research projects (including, but not limited to, senior honors theses) and those who are presenting research findings are eligible to apply. Note that research conducted for faculty, or research for which a faculty member will be a co-author, is not eligible. These funds have been used to cover transportation costs to field sites, for stipends to pay study participants, for the purchase of statistical or qualitative analysis software, among other potential expenses. If you are uncertain whether your project or expenses qualify, please reach out to the Undergraduate Advisor. More information, including how to apply, is found here.