Pamela J. Prickett

Areas of Interest: 
Community and urban sociology, Islam, ethnography, poverty, race, gender, culture, mental health, death and dying     


Pamela is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology at Rice University and a research associate in the Religion and Public Life Program. She uses ethnographic and historical methods to understand how poverty and inequality are experienced, structured, and reproduced within urban communities, with particular attention to how people’s experiences vary by gender, race, and religion. Her first book, Believing in South Central: Everyday Islam in an Inner City, draws on more than five years of in-depth fieldwork in an African American Muslim community in a low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles. It examines believers' struggles, hopes, and the changing ways in which Islam informs both. With this work, she aims to bring discussions of religion back into urban ethnography as well as challenge misconceptions about Islam. Her next book project examines death and dying in Los Angeles. She completed her PhD in sociology from UCLA in June 2015.

Recent Publications:
Brandon Vaidyanathan, David R. Johnson, Pamela J. Prickett, and Elaine Howard Ecklund (forthcoming). “Rejecting the Conflict Narrative: American Jewish and Muslim Views on Science and Religion.” Social Compass

Prickett, Pamela. 2015. “Negotiating Gendered Religious Space: The Particularities of Patriarchy in an African American Mosque.” Gender & Society 29(1): 51-72.

Prickett, Pamela. 2014. “Contextualizing From Within: Perceptions of Physical Disorder in a South Central L.A. African American Mosque.” City & Community 13(3): 214-232. *Winner of the 2015 ASA Community and Urban Sociology Best Graduate Student Paper Award


Pamela J. Prickett
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles

402 Lovett
713 348-2841