Connecting research and policy may improve educational equity

Better communication about how educational research can impact public policy may improve educational equity.The study, which examined the significant disconnect between education researchers and policymakers, appeared in the Russell Sage Foundation’s Journal of the Social Sciences.

New book examines the rigors of balancing academic science career, family life

Balancing home life with a career in science at a top university is less than idyllic, according to a new book from sociologists Elaine Howard Ecklund and Anne E. Lincoln.

2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Texas Families

Professor Rachel Kimbro was recently featured in WalletHub's piece about the best and worst cities for Texas families. She answers the questions: What are some tips for young families looking for quality public schools and affordable housing in Texas? How can local officials in Texas make their cities more attractive to young families? and Looking just within Texas, to what degree is child development and a family’s quality of life influenced by the city they live in?

Lawmakers might introduce ‘anti-evolution’ legislation to appease religious constituents, researchers theorize

New research from Rice University and West Virginia University theorizes that “anti-evolution” education legislation continues to be introduced because lawmakers want to appease religious constituents, not because they expect the bills to be made into laws.

Drop in childhood obesity cannot be explained by health behaviors

While a reported drop in obesity rates among U.S. children has been heralded as positive news, more work must be done to understand exactly why that drop occurred, according to researchers at Rice and Temple universities.