Patricia M. Morton

Areas of Interest: 
Aging and the Life Course, Demography, Health Disparities, Quantitative Methodology

Patricia M. Morton (Ph.D. Sociology and Gerontology 2016, Purdue University) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Children’s Environmental Health Initiative with a dual appointment in the Departments of Statistics and Sociology, and an affiliate of the Rice University Academy of Fellows. Patricia received her B.S. in Applied Sociology from Texas State University and M.S. in Sociology from Purdue University. Broadly, her interests center on understanding health disparities throughout the life course. Her research focuses on the health consequences of childhood conditions at the individual and neighborhood level, considering both immediate and long-term effects. This line of work underscores the importance of how early-life conditions produce unequal opportunities and constraints which impact health through multiple life domains such as socioeconomic status, health behaviors, and physiology. Patricia employs various statistical techniques to contextualize these multidimensional life course processes of health inequality.
Selected Publications
Ferraro, Kenneth F. and Patricia M. Morton. 2016. “What Do We mean by Accumulation? Advancing Conceptual Precision for a Core Idea in Gerontology.” The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Social Sciences Advance online publication. doi: 10.1093/geronb/gbv094.

Morton, Patricia M., Sarah A. Mustillo, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2014. “Does Childhood Misfortune Increase Acute Myocardial Infarction Risk?” Social Science & Medicine 104:133-41.

Vuolo, Michael, Kenneth F. Ferraro, Patricia M. Morton, and Ting-Ying Yang. 2014. “Why Do Older People Change Their Ratings of Childhood Health?” Demography 51:1999-2023.

Morton, Patricia M., Markus H. Schafer, and Kenneth F. Ferraro. 2012. “Does Childhood Misfortune Increase Cancer Risk in Adulthood?” Journal of Aging and Health 24:948-84.

Patricia M. Morton
Postdoctoral Fellow - Children's Environmental Health Initiative (CEHI) Ph.D., Purdue University

Children's Environmental Health Initiative (CEHI)
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