Kori J. Stroub

Areas of Interest: 
Educational access and opportunity; School choice; Stratification and segregation   

Kori J. Stroub is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Houston Education Research Consortium (HERC). He completed his PhD in education policy at The University of Texas at Austin, and holds a master’s degree in psychology from the College of William and Mary, and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Prior to entering graduate school, Kori worked for AmeriCorps as a literacy tutor for elementary school students and then as a special education aide for the Hope Public School District in Santa Barbara, California.

Kori seeks to understand the underlying causes and consequences of educational inequality, and he is particularly interested in the mechanisms through which a wide range of educational policies—such as school choice, accountability, and school restructuring—impact the educational opportunities and outcomes of students from different racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, Kori is committed to working directly with district policymakers to produce actionable research that balances the imperative goal of equity with the practical, often complex demands of educational agencies. Kori’s research has been published in venues such as The American Educational Research Journal and The Teachers College Record and has been covered by Education Week, and The Atlantic.

Kori’s ongoing research at HERC investigates: (1) the impact that school closures have on the educational trajectories of displaced students in Houston, and (2) the effects that the wide-spread school choice system in Houston have on educational access and opportunity.

Recent Publications:

Richards, M.P., & Stroub, K.J. (2015). An accident of geography? Assessing the gerrymandering of public school attendance zones. Teachers College Record, 117(7), 1-32

Richards, M.P., & Stroub, K.J. (2014). The fragmentation of metropolitan public school districts and the segregation of American schools: A longitudinal analysis. Teachers College Record, 116(12), 1-30.

Stroub, K.J., & Richards, M.P. (2013). From resegregation to reintegration: Trends in metropolitan school segregation, 1993-2010. American Educational Research Journal, 50(3), 497-531.

Richards, M.P., Stroub, K.J., & Holme, J.J. (2012). Can NCLB Choice Work? Modeling the effects of inter-district choice on student access to higher-performing schools. In R. Kahlenberg (Ed.), The Future of School Integration: Diversity as an Education Reform Strategy. Washington, DC: The Century Foundation.

Richards, M.P., Stroub, K.J., & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2012). Achieving diversity in the Parents Involved era: Evidence for geographic integration plans in metropolitan school districts. Berkeley Journal of African-American Law and Policy, 14(1), 65-95.


Kori J. Stroub
Postdoctoral Fellow
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