Craig M. Considine

Areas of Interest: 
Religion, race/racism, ethnicity, diaspora   


Craig Considine (Ph.D., 2015, Trinity College Dublin) is a Lecturer of Sociology at Rice University. He earned a Masters degree from Royal Holloway – University of London and a Bachelors degree from American University. As a sociologist, Craig is interested in the sociology of religion, racial and ethnic relations, as well as the experiences of diasporic communities. 

Craig’s early research focused primarily on American identity through the lens of Muslims with emphasis on religious pluralism and Islamophobia. More recent research explored the experiences of young Pakistani Muslim and non-Muslim men in Dublin, Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts. His Ph.D. project focused on the ethnic and civic nation dichotomy, the impact of crisis racism, intergenerational dynamics in diaspora, and the developments of hybrid and liquid identities. Craig is currently turning his doctoral dissertation into a book manuscript for publication in 2016.    

His current work examines topics including, but not limited to, Prophet Muhammad’s covenants with Christian communities, Muslim communities in Houston, Texas, religious pluralism in the U.S., as well as Christian-Muslim relations.     

Recent Publications:    

Considine, Craig. 2016. “Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians: Pluralism and Civic Rights in the First Islamic State.” Interreligious Insight, 14: 42-57.

Considine, Craig. 2016. “What does it mean to be ‘Irish’? Perceptions of Irish identity among young Pakistani men.” Diaspora Studies 9(2): 141-152.

Considine, Craig. 2016. “Religious Pluralism and Civic Rights in a ‘Muslim Nation’: An Analysis of Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians.” Religions 7(15): 1-21.

Considine, Craig. Forthcoming 2016. “Religious Pluralism and Nation-Building in Prophet Muhammad’s Covenants with Christians,” in J.A. Morrow (ed.) Critical Studies on the Covenants of the Prophet, Hillsdale, New York: Angelico and Sophia Perennis.     

Considine, Craig. Book Manuscript in Progress 2016. Family, Religion, and Identity in the Pakistan Diaspora.    

Considine, Craig. 2013. “New Book Sheds Light on Prophet Muhammad’s Interfaith Views, ISLAMiCommentary, Duke Islamic Studies Center (online).    

Considine, Craig. 2013. “Finding Tolerance in Akbar, the Philosopher-King,” ISLAMiCommentary, Duke Islamic Studies Center (online).    

Considine, Craig (ed.). 2012. Trinity College Dublin Journal of Postgraduate Research: Ireland’s Research on the Global Stage, Volume 11. Dublin, Ireland: Graduate Students’ Union.    

Considine, Craig (2009) “Selected Passages,” in A.S. Ahmed Journeyinto America: The Challenge of Islam, Washington DC: Brookings Press.



Craig M. Considine
Lecturer Ph.D. Trinity College Dublin

556 Sewall Hall
713 348-4448