StatueOur program offers specialized training in the following areas: Race/Ethnicity, Urban and Community, Population Health, Gender and Culture and Religion.

Required courses include:

SOCI 526: Contemporary Social Theory

SOCI 541: Qualitative Research Methods

SOCI 580: Classical Social Theory

SOCI 581: Quantitative Research Methods

SOCI 582: Quantitative Data Analysis I

SOCI 583:  Quantitative Data Analysis II

SOCI 596:  Satistical Computer Programming (1 credit)

SOCI 610:  Professionalization Workshop (1 credit)

SOCI 611:  Teaching Practicum (1 credit)

SOCI 700: Thesis Seminar

The sequence of courses will normally be as follows:

First Semester:
  • Classical Social Theory or Contemporary Social Theory
  •  Quantitative Research Methods or Qualitative Research Methods
  •  Statistical Computer Programming
  •  Elective 1
  •  Professionalization Workshop
Second Semester:
  • Quantitative Data Analysis I and/or Qualitative Research Methods
  •  Elective 2
  •  Elective 3
  •  Professionalization Workshop

Third Semester:  

  • Contemporary Social Theory or Classical Social Theory
  •  Quantitative Data Analysis II
  •  Qualitative Research Methods (if not already taken)
  •  Professionalization Workshop 

Fourth Semester:

  • Thesis Seminar
  •  Electives
  •  Teaching Practicum 
  •  Professionalization Workshop
Semesters 5-10:
  • Electives, Comprehensive Exams, and Dissertation